Scholarship Information

Scholarships  updated Jan 27/18

2018 ACSS, Langley Open, & District Authority Scholarship Application Package
The application package will be updated and printed off for Grade 12 students in January, 2018.  Mrs. Luteijn will be visiting Grade 12 English classes at the start of semester 2 to hand out the packages to Gr. 12’s and to provide some information.  Packages will also be available in the Counselling office.  This is a very important application for students to complete for local scholarships.  Deadline: March 16, 2018.


SCHOLARSHIP INFO is now collected and updated at a District site and be accessed through the link on this page.

Students and parents are encouraged to do their own research, as there are a multitude of scholarships out there.  Additional scholarship information is available in the Counselling Office.

Some applications require a great deal of preparation, so research the details ahead of time and give yourself enough time to prepare your application and give your referees adequate time to prepare a good letter for you.  Administrators, teachers, coaches, etc. need several weeks notice to write reference letters.  Provide them with a resume or student profile to with details about your background and accomplishments.  Don’t be shy about reminding them from time to time about your reference request in case they get busy and forget.


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