Flex Time

Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 structures in place, FlexTime will be on hold for the 2020-2021 school year.

Flex Time

Flex time is a period of instructional time built into the ACSS daily schedule that empowers students by giving them some measure of choice and control over their own learning. During flex time, students are expected to be in a class, working on school work, either individually or in groups, meeting with teachers for support on classwork, or working on projects, under teacher supervision, that they are passionate about.

Expectations for students during flex time

  • It is understood that the first week of Flex Time will be FlexLearning time and this will occur at regular intervals as deemed necessary by ACSS staff and admin.
  • Attendance is taken in each FLEX space
  • Flex time is Class Time/Instructional Time – Students must be in a classroom or learning space.
  • Students should plan ahead at determine which learning space they will be attending for FLEX Time and what they will be accomplishing during that time. Some rooms do not permit ‘drop in’ students for FLEX.
  • Students must arrive to their FLEX class by the start of the bell and remain in the class for the full period.
  • No bathroom breaks, locker visits, or changing rooms.
  • If a student arrives at a learning space that is already full, they must move on to another learning space.
  • During the FLEX block, the library will only be open to grade 11 and 12 students.
  • Students may be required to stay with a period 1 teacher to complete overdue work/tests at the teacher’s discretion (FlexVeto).
  • Students must be working on school work (either group or individual), special interest projects (under the supervision of a teacher), or silent reading during the flex block time.



  • Do I sign into classes during FLEX

    Classes will be closed at 30 students. Teachers may utilize a sign-in process to monitor the number of students in a classroom/learning space.

  • What if I have no work to do? I'm all caught up!

    Learning is an ongoing activity so students should always have something to work on or go deep with during FLEX however for some, specific structures will be necessary. During FLEX students are expected to be engaged in an activity supporting their progress in their learning.
    – seeking support from their teachers or instructional support staff – completing assignments/homework
    – working on projects
    – silent reading

  • Will I get work assigned for FLEX time?

    FLEX time is designed to support you in your current learning and assignments not to generate more work or prep for you or your teachers. You may ask for additional practice or support to work on during FLEX especially when working through a challenging concept but your teachers are expected to not create more “stuff/assignments” but rather to be available during FLEX to assist you as needed.

  • What do I do if the class I want is full?

    FLEX serves an educational purpose in developing organizational and planning skills in students. As part of this development students will be expected to have a second choice ready. Classrooms will be capped at 30 students.

  • Can a teacher assign me to a specific class for FLEX?

    Yes, if a student needs assistance in utilizing FLEX in a productive manner, a teacher may assist by assigning them to a specific learning space for FLEX. This can happen if a student has outstanding assignments, projects etc. As well teachers can, on occasion, hold class back to complete a lab or assignment but this should be the exception not the rule. This is considered a FLEXVeto.

  • Do I have to sign up for specific classes I want to go to for FLEX?

    Classes in FLEX will normally be on a first come, first served basis so it will be important to plan ahead. Some classes, such as the gyms and Library Learning Commons tend to be a catch-all for many students and will require signing up in advance for the spaces. There may be times where circumstances allow or call for some pre-arrangement, however, this should be the exception and not the rule.

  • How will you prevent students from leaving the building during FLEX?

    It’s important to note that during the first few days of school, students will not be able to use their ‘Flex Time’, and will be staying with their first block class. During this time, teachers will work with students on how to utilize flex time. Once we are confident that students understand how it works and are ready to use Flex Time, teachers will be asking students where they plan to go during their Flex time. If students do not show up where they have indicated they are going, they will lose the privilege. This is part of an overall pyramid of intervention strategy that staff will be implementing in the fall.

  • What if there is a fire drill, lockdown, or evacuation during FLEX?

    Students would be expected to respond as they would during any class time in that they would lockdown or evacuate as quickly and orderly as possible. Due to the fluidity of FLEX in terms of roll call during the evacuation our process will be just like it is during unstructured times such as lunch. Students will evacuate via the nearest safe exit and report to their previous class (for FLEX Time it will be your first period class) on the back field. For lockdowns, students will follow the typical lockdown procedures of the classroom and, if in the case of class transition time, students will seek shelter in the nearest open classroom.

  • Can students leave their chosen learning space to go to the bathroom or their lockers during FLEX?

    No. The educational purpose of FLEX is to have students organize their time and space. Limiting movement during FLEX will encourage this growth. As well, limiting movement will allow for Admin to support students in their productive utilization of this time.

  • Do I get a mark for FLEX?

    Success in achieving the learning outcomes for FLEX is reflected in student success in their other classes so no “official” mark will be given for FLEX.

  • Some subjects/classes call for students to be out and about in the school. How will this be accommodated during FLEX Time?

    Initially there will be no students able to be out and about during FLEX time in-order to assist the Administration and others to support students moving to and remaining in appropriate learning spaces during FLEX. This can be re-visited as the impact of FLEX grows and needs present themselves.

  • Can I go to the classes of teachers who I do not currently have?

    FLEX is meant as a resource for students to get support as needed from their teachers so it is expected that students will seek out the classes they are currently attending however there is not a hard and fast rule regarding this. Teachers may wish to limit, or give preference to currently enrolled students.

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