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Athletics Directors: Ms. Kim Haber and Ms. Emily Pollastretti

The Athletics Program at Aldergrove Community Secondary School provides a valuable opportunity for students to learn to conduct themselves with integrity, work with others to achieve excellence, compete fairly, represent themselves – and our school – with pride and dignity, and to serve the Aldergrove community of schools.

Core Values at the foundation of our program are:

  • Integrity – we conduct ourselves respectfully and honestly, showcasing high moral character.
  • Community – we volunteer time and service in Athletics, to contribute to the greater good of the community of schools, providing valuable opportunities for many.
  • Responsibility – student-athletes are equally committed to their courses and their teams, attending classes and team events regularly, and maintaining good academic standing.
  • Competitive Spirit – we engage fully in practice and competition, striving for excellence. We believe hard work, collaboration, and strong moral character will help us become the best we can be.
  • Totem Pride – we acknowledge that several ACSS alumni have worked hard to earn the Championship banners that grace our gym walls. We are proud of this and are inspired to work hard, conduct ourselves with integrity and respectful behavior wherever we are, to represent our school positively and competitively.

Goals for the Athletics Program at Aldergrove Community Secondary:

  • Provide meaningful and safe opportunities for students to participate in Athletics as athletes, officials, or managers, to further develop their skill sets.
  • Provide teams with qualified coaches of good character, who are able to develop technical and tactical skill development for all athletes, in a positive and motivating manner.
  • Develop individual athletes and teams, where improvement is demonstrated one season to the next.
  • Become sustainable, year after year, with the return of athletes, coaches, and officials, working with the Aldergrove community of schools to develop student-athletes in their formative years.
  • Offer a variety of individual and team sports to allow for the opportunity to develop a multitude of athletics skills and interests.
  • Facilitate the opportunity to be physically active, forge positive relationships, and enjoy the spirit of competition.

Helpful Information and Links for Participants and Coaches in the Athletics Program:

Required Forms:

All student athletes must complete the Medical Form as well as agree to the ACSS Code of Conduct. These can be downloaded Forms and Links tab on the left side of the page.

Athletic Fees:

Participation on any team will require a payment of an Athletic Fee. Fees are subject to change.

Junior/Senior Individual Sports $30 Fee
Cross-Country, Track & Field, Badminton

Junior Team Sports $75 Fee
Students in Grade 9/10 level competition

Senior Team Sports $100 Fee
Students in Grade 11/12 level competition

Player Eligibility:

British Columbia School Sports (BCSS) governs high school athletics across the province. Aldergrove Community Secondary School is a member of BCSS. For specific information regarding eligibility, seasons of play, and other details, please click on the link for BC School Sports on the left side of this page.

Fans Code of Conduct:

Aldergrove Community Secondary School encourages everyone to come out to our games and support the competition! We expect all spectators at our contests to be respectful of players, coaches, officials, and other spectators. Fans are encouraged to applaud the efforts of their team and should not engage in any behaviour that is critical, distracting, or derogatory toward opponents or officials. We believe it is imperative to let the players, coaches, and officials play the game. ACSS will not permit any behaviour that detracts from the proper conduct of the game or disadvantages a player or team.

Opportunities for Coaching

We believe the collaborative efforts of school staff, parents, and community volunteers are essential for a strong Athletics Program. To this end, opportunities are always available for adults to get involved in various coaching and officiating capacities at ACSS. Click on the link on the left side of this page for list of Coaching responsibilities. For further information, please contact the Athletic Director.

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