Social Studies

Aldergrove Community Secondary School’s Social Studies Department offers a variety of Socials classes for students in grades 9 through 12. In offering these courses, we are helping students develop into citizens of the world who are able to think critically and are knowledgeable about past and present events in their community and the world around them. At present, new curriculum is being implemented in all areas of Socials, this year in grade 9 the teachers are developing new lessons to align with the new BC Curriculum. Next year some of the changes will start to take place in Socials 10 and 11. At the senior level the Socials Department offers a multitude of choices, Law 12, History 12, and Psychology 12. In past years we have run Comparative Civilizations 12, and Geography 12. The department looks forward to making these offerings available again in the future.

The department members are listed below:

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