Learning Support

At Aldergrove Community Secondary we are proud to support our students through our various resource programs. Resource teachers, education assistants, and youth care workers all make up the Learning Support Services Department.

Through our different resource programs students may receive academic and organizational assistance, social-emotional support, be provided leadership and work experience opportunities, as well as life skills.

The Learning Support Services Department assists students with IEPs (Inclusive Education Plans) as well as on a referral basis. Contact us for more information.

Members of the Learning Support Services department are:

Ms. Maryssa Muelaner – Co Department Head
Mr. Rob Greenland – Co Department Head
Ms. Alex Allen (on leave)
Ms. Tristan Boomer
Mr. Nick Bruce
Ms. Sarah Chan
Ms. Koreen Duckhorn
Ms. Devinder Kaur
Mr. Nick Knechtle
Ms. Ruth Kreisch
Mr. Chris McBeth
Mr. Zack Russell
Ms. Jaylin Ruether
Ms. Dianne Saumier
Mr. Jake Tymos (on leave)
Ms. Brooklyn Wilson

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