Welcome to the Languages Department at Aldergrove Community Secondary School! 

Imagine going to Quebec and actually being able to order food in French!  Or going to France and speaking French because you want to buy your first class pass to the Eiffel Tower! Learning a second language like French opens the doors to endless possibilities and career options such as a receptionist at an exotic resort in Mexico, a tour guide in Italy, or even a teacher in a foreign country!  Plus, French is the language of love and who doesn’t love love? Impress your family & Friends as you explore the entire symphony of Francophone culture with us in French at ACSS


Steven Briand, Alex Boesel

Course descriptions

French 9:

French will give you a competitive advantage in acceptance to the University of the Fraser Valley as well as several possible careers like a Flight Attendant, an RCMP Officer, or a Teacher.  French 9 (level 1 French) is intended for those new to French or those who have only a novice understanding of the language.  The end goal for level 1 French is to be able to express yourself in basic conversations using both present and future tenses.  Moreover, you will develop your French reading and writing in order to possibly navigate your own way around foreign countries such as France, Mali or even Haiti.  Plus, who doesn’t want to speak another language? Join us for French 9.

French 10:

Continue your journey in French acquisition in order to have a competitive advantage in acceptance to the University of the Fraser Valley as well as possible exciting career options such as a Tour Guide or a Receptionist at a vacation resort in a foreign country.

In addition to being able to confidently express yourself in authentic situations, level two French will give you the ability to share past personal experiences and explore intriguing urban legends.  Moreover, you will begin to refine your French with the end year goal of creating your own urban legend that relates to your family ancestry.

French 11:

Congratulations on making it this far in your French acquisition journey.  Level 3 French will result in a competitive advantage for entrance into the University of the Fraser Valley as well as open doors to exciting job opportunities like a French Teacher or a Translator.  Immerse yourself into Francophone culture this year by reading a variety of online Francophone blogs and identifying biases in French movies, stories and propaganda.  Moreover, you will be given the opportunity to respond personally to a variety of French news articles, cartoons and poems with the end goal of writing a letter to convince or inform a person about an ongoing controversy.

French 12:

This course is designed for students who would like to complete their high school experience in French acquisition in order to competently express themselves in another language.  If interested in University level academics, level 4 French will adequately prepare you for Upper Level French at any university of your choice.  Congratulations thus far and be proud to identify yourself as a person who can speak French. This course is based on analyzing grammatical structures and increasing your vocabulary of the French language in order react orally and in writing to variety of different French movies, stories and articles.  Moreover, avenues such as travel and exchange programs will be explored in order to continue your learning of the French language.


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