AVID originated over 30 years ago in San Diego, California by a teacher who recognized a need for a program to assist students who were academically capable, but were under-achieving. They lacked some organizational and study strategies in order to be stronger students.  Providing a learning environment with the common goal for all students to attend post-secondary had very positive outcomes.

It is important to note that AVID may look very different from school to school.  What AVID programs do in California will look very different to what we do here at ACSS.  There may even be some significant differences between AVID sites in the same school district, as the program can be adapted to suit the individual needs of students at each school.  What all sites share is the goal of preparing students for success in high-school, post-secondary, and beyond.

Here at ACSS, we have made it a point to listen to what our past grads and post-secondary instructors and recruiters are saying about what skills students need to be successful, and we have tried to plan an AVID curriculum to develop these skills.  We also do our best to follow the latest discussions of what makes for effective learning for preparing our students for the demands of the 21st century.

AVID at ACSS is NOT a remedial program or a program for students who have attendance issues or don’t seem to care about school. If anything, AVID students are challenged to work and think differently, therefore, it is important for candidates to be able to handle regular school curriculum, but are motivated to do even better.  The motivation of the students is crucial.  In no way should parents and teachers be working harder than the student. Even “A” students can benefit from AVID.  There are “A” students who fail or do poorly in their senior classes or post-secondary courses, because they have previously breezed through their classes and did not learn effective reading, writing, and study strategies to cope with the increased demands.  Learning how to manage their time is also critical.

To learn more about the AVID Program please visit the ACSS AVID site at acssavid.weebly.com


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