2024 AVID APPLICATION: AVID Application 2024

• Learn to use proven academic strategies for success, participate in discussions and project work that challenge you and deepen your understanding of various topics while helping you improve your performance in other courses as well.
• Gain a competitive advantage by building your scholarship portfolio early by learning the importance of volunteering in your school and community, and developing leadership skills, and completing required service hours.
• Participate in class field trips to post-secondary institutions.

As a four-year preparatory program, students are expected to enroll each year from Grades 9 – 12. However, students are welcome to apply at any grade level and entry into the class depends on space availability. The AVID elective is taught by an AVID trained teacher and the students have this class every other day for the entire school year. The students in the AVID elective also take an academic class together and this class is also taught by an AVID trained teacher who reinforces the strategies they learn in their AVID elective class.

AVID students are challenged to work and think differently, therefore, it is important for candidates to be motivated to learn and do better for their goal is to be ready to attend college or university after graduation. AVID is NOT a remedial program or a program for students who have attendance issues or don’t seem to care about school. Students need to be capable of completing rigorous courses but may not have realized their full potential and would benefit from the AVID elective focus of college and career-readiness. Priority will be given to students who are underserved in post-secondary institutions. In the AVID elective class students learn organizational and study skills, develop critical thinking by asking probing questions, get academic help from peers and tutors, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities which make college and career success attainable.

Students enrolled in AVID typically enrol in rigorous academic classes to keep their post-secondary options open and to be ready for the challenges ahead of them. Therefore, AVID students are strongly encouraged to take a second language through to Grade 11. AVID students are also encouraged to fill their timetable with enriching elective experiences to develop themselves into well-rounded students, which many university and college programs look for. Leadership in the school and in the community is also important for scholarship preparation and developing individual responsibility for their academic success. Taking a Rec Leadership course sometime during their time in high school is also highly recommended. As students progress in AVID, their self-image improves, and they become academically successful students, leaders, and role models for other students.

Application forms can be obtained from the Counselling office or the main office and must be submitted by February 28th, 2024. Contact Ms. Luteijn (nluteijn@sd35.bc.ca) for more information.

To learn more about the AVID Program please visit the ACSS AVID site at acssavid.weebly.com

History of AVID
AVID originated over 30 years ago in San Diego, California by a teacher who recognized a need for a program to assist students who were academically capable, but were under-achieving. They lacked some organizational and study strategies in order to be stronger students.  Providing a learning environment with the common goal for all students to attend post-secondary had very positive outcomes.

It is important to note that AVID may look very different from school to school.  What AVID programs do in California will look very different to what we do here at ACSS.  There may even be some significant differences between AVID sites in the same school district, as the program can be adapted to suit the individual needs of students at each school.  What all sites share is the goal of preparing students for success in high-school, post-secondary, and beyond.

Here at ACSS, we have made it a point to listen to what our past grads and post-secondary instructors and recruiters are saying about what skills students need to be successful, and we have tried to plan an AVID curriculum to develop these skills.  We also do our best to follow the latest discussions of what makes for effective learning for preparing our students for the demands of the 21st century.





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