PAC Meeting Minutes

Next meeting: March 9, 2016 @ 7pm

ACSS PAC minutes February 17th, 2016

In Attendance: Tara Sutherland, John Pusic, Dea Anderson, Tracey Olley, Margo McPhalen, Kamal Sidhu


Principal’s Report:

Each year, during Exam Week, the staff focus on getting students to classes and exams with the smallest amount of disruption to all.

Many students and parents do not realize that classes in every grade still continue during this time of the school year.


126 new students started in January at ACSS, comprising mostly of International students and Ace-It students.


The ACSS school bus now has a new floor, at the cost of $7200 (approximately). Paid for by PAC funds.


President’s Report:

Discussions in our community have brought up ACSS emergency preparedness plans – what is in place; what can be in place; what will be in place.

Dea Anderson is part of a group with the Township of Langley implementing, preparing, and planning for our community. There are already Primary, and Secondary sites chosen in the Township as places of support for people needing them.

Check the TOL website.

**handy tip for after an emergency – a GREEN flag or sign outside a house means “everyone okay; house safe and sound”; a RED flag or sign outside a house means “Help needed”.**


Mr Crowley needed contact info from PAC executive for grant application. All PAC info has been received. Thank you.


There is a GIC at CIBC from years ago that needs attention.


Meeting adjourned


Next PAC Meeting March 9th – 7pm


ACSS PAC Minutes Jan 13th, 2016


In attendance: Dea Anderson, Tracey Olley, Kamal Sidhu, John Pusic


Mr Crowley attended at the beginning of the meeting to give a brief update on the school garden. He asked for ACSS PAC to put their name on a grant he is applying for to support the school garden.


Approval of Agenda:


Approval of December minutes:


President’s Report: none


Treasurer’s Report: none


Principal’s Report:


Music Concert before Christmas went well.


There was a Psychosis and Sacred Teachings assemblies for the Gr 9 students.


Start-up of classes and activities after Christmas was quick and exams were coming up ending Semester 1.


Admin. is trying to use the TV monitors for ALL school announcements.


The new school website is up and evolving. All school websites will be similar and the district is able to provide immediate messages to schools.


Friday, January 15, 2016 is the first of 2 days that teachers will be learning about the implementation of the new school curriculum. The LTA will be leading the events.


TedX is coming to Langley – ACSS students are attending and volunteering at the event.


Old Business: none


New Business: request to move February PAC meeting to the 17th.


Meeting adjourned.




ACSS PAC Meeting minutes           June 10, 2015

 In attendance

Dea Anderson, Tracey Olley, Mike Pue, Margo McPhalen

Principal’s Report

  • The Totem bus now seems to have transmission issues that may add to maintenance costs.
  • May 7th was Fine Arts Night. It was a great night of student photography, ceramics, a gallery walk, and live entertainment from the school band. 8-9 students did improve, and Rees McCarthy gave a stand-up comedy routine.
  • May12th was a tour of the school for SD35 staff and Trustees
  • Canadian Diabetes Foundation asked to post a donation bin at ACSS with dollars per pound back to the school.
  • May 27th was the Evening of Inspiration SD35. Ten Gr 12 students of ACSS were awarded because they showed great Courage, Integrity, and Community.
  • May 28th was Grad Ceremony. 122 students participated this year.
  • May 29th was the Strawberry Tea with 450 people attending. Dry Grad followed.
  • June 2nd was Year End International Students luncheon, and Scholarship luncheon
  • June 3rd was ACSS Music Concert
  • June 8th Hiroshima Province School has a partnership with 250 students, in Gr 8 – 12 at Aldergrove schools.
  • June 11th a “Tuff Mudder” event was created by students for students
  • June 11th was also the Gr 9 – 11 students awards for Academic and Athletic Awards in the evening
  • June 17th is the last day of classes
  • June 19th Exams start
  • June 22th Gr 8 BGMS students came for a tour/ assembly at ACSS
  • June 25th Report Cards for pick up
  • June 26th Last Staff Day

President’s Report

  • The PAC GIC will stay in the bank until the ACSS bus work and bill are decided.
  • A $25 annual fee is to be paid to BC Society for membership for ACSS PAC
  • PAC Elections will be held at the first PAC Meeting of the 2015-2016 school year, Sept 16th.
  • PAC donation is to be listed at a suggested $10.00 in the student package

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