Coach/Sponsor Role and Responsibilities


The following is an outline (or checklist) of responsibilities for coaches/sponsors of Athletic teams/clubs at ACSS:

1) Work with the Athletic Director (AD) to plan and set your schedule, and to outline your needs for the season.

2) Advertise for your team when practices will be.

3) Plan purposeful practices that further develop the technical and tactical skills of the players.

4) Submit a team roster ASAP to the AD.

5) Handout and collect student-athlete contract, permission forms, medical forms, and schedules.

6) Athletic fees are to be paid to the office prior to the season starting.

7) Book bus transportation for all away games.

8) If applicable, book a TTOC for the afternoon of all away games.

9) Monitor student-athlete behaviour and report any concerns to the AD.

10) Report home game scores to the league.

Please communicate with the AD any concerns, requests, observations related to the Athletics program so we can ensure a positive and productive experience for all.

Athletics Permission&Medical

BC School Sports Handbook

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Respect in Sport

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